Life is changing

Life is changing. Mostly trying to cut out meat. I believe I have eaten more vegetables in the last two weeks than in the last two months. I’ve been drinking a ton of water and have started to do yoga.

I’ve wanted to do yoga for a long time so this is nice. The vegetarian thing is new although it’s not extreme at all. More that I am cutting out meat I don’t really need. Trying to cut out some dairy too.

Just the earth and stuff. Mostly, I never thought about all the gas that it takes move meat and dairy (and fruits) from one place to another. So, there you go. I’m not the best person to mother earth but I’m not trying to be the worse either.

Now, I just need to learn how to stem my need to buy stuff. I just have to learn how to be a bit better. It’s a slow process and all it does is make me realize how far I have fallen into the consumer hole.

Slow and steady makes the race. If I don’t believe that I’m screwed.


The All Spark

An idea has come to me. I have many but this seems like an interesting one. I watched another TED talk (go figure) this one with Colin Wright. He decided to take a picture a day. It changed his life. I want to change my life but with others. Plus I want to know more about the internet. It seems like an ideal plan…I just have to stick with it. I have a five minute attention span and I really need to work on my ‘follow through’. This seems like a perfect time to work on it. I really do have more time than I know what to do with and I wanted to network. What better way than to do that? I think this will be my first post.

Technically I want to do something new everyday. I have never posted twice in one day on WordPress so there you go..that’s my excitement for the day. I think I may even join flicker. wow, I can feel the hipster calling. I really need to make a list of all the websites out there. I know way more than I thought considering I didn’t use a computer until I was 15. What did I ever do before the internet?


Clarity- still looking for it

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Kind of didn’t take the exact content but kind of worked with it. Trying to find a path in life. Trying to discover myself. Wanting to make a connection. I think the human connection is something very important to me but something I forgot. Moving to a new country, starting a new job and basically changing everything can have that affect on someone I suppose. 

Except it just depressed me- well, after the honeymoon period. Now, in a way, I’m trying to get back to me. Back the basics. I was trying to live up to an ideal (still am in a way) that, now that I think about it, I was doing it for ‘imaginary’ people I wanted to impress. 

I have always been so afraid of being judged by other people that I have been letting it rule me. Rule me to the point that it was a serious form of stress. So, to stop tormenting myself, I submitted my paperwork to leave school and take a breather. Not a breather to be lazy, but to realign myself and come to the understanding that I am more than a degree. Another Master’s won’t make me a ‘better’ person. 

There has been to much living in the future and missing the present. Missing the people who matter now and who’s lives I’m suppose to impact now. Hopefully this can be my first step towards that. 

It’s a difficult path but one worth looking into. Being curious about. 

I have to recommend TED talks to everyone. They really have changed my life. 


Surprised at how life turns out

So, I think getting a Masters in English as a Second Language (ESL) is the best decision I can make. This is, until I realize, maybe more than ESL, I want a career in early childhood education…which is naturally another degree. Not that it’s so bad since I can double major, more just I wish I would have considered this before.

Looking back, I realize how that my ‘vision of the future’ was a bit narrow. I don’t want to necessarily teach ESL for forever, however I do love little kids and could see life taking me more down that route. Therefore I’ve decided to reward myself with another year of college. Hurrah.

That is of course until I get back to America and do another stint getting my teaching degree. I am a glutton for punishment. I like ‘higher education’ but after attending college for five years straight (well, more like seven) but how’s counting anymore? Hell, I want to work in a school for the rest of my life. But the threat of deadlines…

I wish someone would have warned me even slightly of this stuff growing up…not that I would have listened to them anyway. Maybe that’s why, you just have to figure it out for yourself. I suppose that route how its ups but right now the downs are fairly even numbered.